NEW INCREDIBLE LINE UP IN 2020 – We have been gifted the guest house to run these Retreats and all the profits go to Heal Scotland

2 Retreats in Oban Argyll The gateway to the isles
Fast 800 Balance 2020 Retreats
Oban 6-12 March


Full details here

Revolution mastery weekend with Lilia Letitgo Sinclair and James MacFadyen Wim Hof Instructor

St Annes Guest House Oban Friday 12pm – 20th -22nd November 2020 Sunday 3pm
3 Days combing the latest, transformational health and vitality hacks

  • Meditation
  • Releasing
  • Breathing
  • Cold water Immersion
  • Latest neuroscience


Fast 800 Balance 2020 Retreat 6-12 March with Lilia Letitgo Sinclair

St Annes Guest House Oban Argyll The gateway to the Isles

Using the genius, groundbreaking research from Michael Mosleys latest book Fast 800 we bring you a power week
teaching you how to hack your immune system, balance your blood sugar and gut biome, level your hormones and
generally work out the best foods for you to stay healthy, toned and full of energy.

Learn how to let go of negative eating habits and beliefs
Learn how to let go of the triggers that make you binge
Get familiar with the signs and how to curb cravings fast and effectively
Tribe up with others on the same path and inspire each other along the way


  • Meditation/Visualisation/imagination
  • Letting go, changing thoughts and rewiring the brain
  • Breath work for chemistry changes and stronger willpower