Create a ground swell of people willing to take control of their health Educate and inspire those who are ready via app, website, social media, courses and workshops Create a strong support network that encourages people to look after people in a structured, powerful way


Using app, social media, pr, website to engage and inspire people to take control. Markeing to those who see or will see when shown. Running events all over Scotland and tapping into like minded groups and movements. Collaborating to ensure we can reach as many people as possible including prisons, homeless, schools, nurseries, hospitals and workplaces.


People helping people There are too many people broken now to expect doctors and nurses to fix us. Prevention, staying well, getting well again, not buying in to old age, all could save the Country a fortune and help ease the burden on a lot of hearts. People set up support groups in their area. Those who are struggling or in need, but are determined to heal and help them cellves have a place to go and share and get helped back on the track. The 12 step programme could also be an option here or a version of it.


Quantum Physics We are energy, we are powerful, we can heal We can change. We are not chemical beings we are electro magnetic beings functioning in a reality that is ruled by an outdated and false premise that we are solid. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, perceptions, emotions and past are ruining our lives. We pass trauma and pain down through our DNA and we can be addicted to the hormones of stress and the story of the past. The present nature of reality escapes most of us as we live in the past or a projected future based on whats happened in the past. We need to be aware that we quite literally are all in this together and the cellfish me, me, me attitude has to dissolve to make way for Interdependence ie Community and Altruism.


Short workshops – Breathe and Believe etc Courses – Day & Weekend

Easy to run out EFT The Power of 8, Breathe and believe Eating clean Meditation classes


Heal Scotland – Join us in our movement to generate health, happiness and harmonious communities.

Learn as an individual, work as a team, to take control of our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

​We plan to change the trajectory of Scotlands health picture.
From the worst in the World to the best.

Step 1 – Create a groundswell for those who are ready and willing
Step 2 – Educate and inspire with the latest science via the website, app, courses, workshops and Retreats. Eventually a full time healing Community
Step 3 – Create support networks all over the Country, for the people, by the people
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​Information and inspiration for you and your family

Approximately 80% of disease is thought to be a result of lifestyle
This mean we have the power to change it 


Our current health picture on the physical side looks like this

Health statistics

  • Around 700 suicides every year
  • 88 people per day diagnosed with cancer
  • 1 in 4 on anti depressants
  • 1 in 5 on asthma medication
  • ¼ million diabetics
  • 10 million UK wide with arthritis
  • 10 000 diagnosed with MS
  • 12.400 with Parkinsons

Breathe, believe, release and get back to Nature.

The Breath

The breath is our connection to life.
We can change the way we breathe which will change our chemistry, out heart rhythm, out perception and out energetic field.
We can use this life force for our emotional management.
To change our beliefs, our outlook, our reactions and thoughts.


A belief is simply a thought we have repeated and taken on repeatedly.
Most of them have either been inherited or given to us by well meaning adults.
The biggest realisation is that we can choose to believe anything we like, but lets make sure, for the sake of our cells and the cells around us, that we are believing what serves us and empowers us.
We can change any belief we want, we just have to be 100% certain what we want, and ne equally prepared to let go of the old.


Letting go of the past in every form is essential for being the most powerful, vital and aligned version of yourcellf.
When you realise the subconscious mind is like the hard drive of your computer and has a lot of old files that need to be deleted to create space for better speed and new opportunities.
We are mind, body, spirit beings and we hold onto the past on every level.
To truly be free and vital we have to find the courage to let go, or we can never fly.

Back to Nature

We can live in alignment with Nature or we can do the opposite.
Living against the laws of Nature on a daily basis puts our immune system at risk.
In the old days they called it sinning, they understood there we ways that served us as a collective and ways that did not, so they used fear and various belief systems the main one being religion, to get this message home and to scare and compare us into submission.

Now we understand that alignment is a choice. If we choose to move out of it, then we cause an effect, but we have the personal choice.
When we truly understand the interconnection with everything on this Planet and that we are energetically one, then everything changes.

The latest science shows us clearly. When we think about something with great clarity, see it and feel it with the elevated emotion, with the trust (belief) that it is a real potential for us, we can change matter (the material world) with wave (the energetic world, the invisible, the thought realm.
This is a paradigm shift and you may be unaware of our power.

Alignment with her food, her fresh air, natural light cycles and how we live on and in her presence.
With all life here on Earth from plants, birds, fish and all animals.
This is a multifaceted, truly whole approach to “being”.
If our greed and judgement rule us, we not only damage each other and the environment, but our cells. It is all one.
We are all one.
Harmony is essential for our thrival.


The latest research is showing that diet and exercise is only a tiny part of healing.

Faith, compassion, strong boundaries, determination, purpose, community and altruism also play a part.


​A big part.
If you are Scottish then statistically you are likely to die before our English brothers and sisters.
And if you are poor in Scotland then you have 8 years less to enjoy your time here.
We have a plan to change this…


Are you in?
Never let anyone tell you how long you have to live.
We are more powerful and capable than you can imagine, the crazy part is you just have to believe that.
Conceive it, perceive it, believe it, receive it.

Our 12 week Community was a huge success, we proved without doubt that we can massively impact our emotional, physical and spiritual health..
The biggest challenge for anyone trying to lose weight or heal is CHANGE.
Sustaining the changes long enough for the body to respond.
Healing is life rehab. Often people fail at home with inadequate support and lack of education and understanding.

We plan to CHANGE that.

We are giving you the opportunity to learn how to change your biology naturally.
To fully understand how to Pilot your cells for greater health and happiness.

We need a healing Oasis where people can go to truly heal.

We MUST stop terrifying people, change the language around what the body is doing.
All the things we know work must be available at point of entry, surgeries and hospitals.

If despite what you have been told, allegedly terminal or incurable you would like to try to change your health picture for the better just for today, this is for you.
This project is to educate you on how to change, to support you through it, give you the latest neuroscience and reprogramming techniques.
Using education for transformation. You will understand why you get stuck and how to release that, how to refire and rewire your brain which in turn will feed the information to your cells and genes, which in turn has the potential to change your destiny.

Some people need to be removed from their old environment, and supported through this process to ensure success.

NB. We cannot provide nursing on this first control group, you need to be able to look after yourself physically.

We will be using the latest finding, techniques, protocols and neuroscience from the Worlds leading researchers and quantum physics in healing.

Our mission is to provide full support with all the latest science that has not yet been integrated into our current system, but is proven and working for thousands all over the World.
Healing nutrition – Meditation – Letting go – Rewiring the brain – Subconscious reprogramming – Group intentions – Education for transformation and other fun and enlightening feel good practises.

We will support your via
1. Website
2. App
3. Courses all over the Country and online

Bonnie Scotland

We were a Nation famous for Inventors.
Now we are famous for being friendly, which is good, but also for our booze culture and fried mars bars, not so good.
Our indigenous food is super brain food, but most of us are not eating it now.
Mackerel, salmon, trout, herring, cod, all the shellfish plus the berries that used to grow wild, brambles, gooseberries, raspberries and blackberries around our homes before everything got covered in tar and slabs.
Food for the heart and brain is all around us, but not going through our bodies the way it is meant to.

Back in the day

Before we got so busy, when we ate the food around us, in season, cheap and organic. Before organic, nutritious food became more expensive than a McDonalds burger.
Before the government consciously or otherwise broke up the Communities and created overheads so high that 2 people have to work to keep a decent roof over your head.
Before we were taught it was a dog eat dog World and you have to compete to survive.
Before the Church ruined the magic of Faith by giving us a half story and trying to control us with guilt and fear.
Before all that we were healthier and stronger, despite the wars.

Action Being Taken

Goal – To have an amazing Healing Oasis in the heart of Scotland. A place where people can come to regenerate. To learn, to be supported and to heal.
A website being created as an umbrella site with all the resources, videos, courses, information and assistance you need to navigate your healing journey.
An app for daily inspiration, reminders, protocols and techniques along with all the events, support and cool stuff happening in Scotland and in your area.
Events all over the Country to teach the breathe, believe, back to Nature philosophy.

Disease pandemic

We have a disease pandemic on our hands.
Cancer, heart disease, auto immune, depression, anxiety, diabetesand unprecedented suicide rates, I am sure you are aware.
Drugs and Surgery are not the long term solution.
It is time for us to stand up and take control and responsibility for our incredible body, mind & spirit.
There are a myriad of things that we can do to help our health and wellbeing that are not advised in our Allopathic (a system of medical practice that aims to combat disease by use of remedies as in drugs or surgery) system.

We are energetic in Nature

Our bodies are an incredible bundle of vibrating cells that are impacted by our past, thoughts, feelings, perceptions and beliefs. More and more evidence points to us being emotional beings with most if not all disease having an emotional root cause.
This means that healing has to be done by measures that reverse and mitigate the past.
We now have hundreds if not thousands of studies that prove we can impact on our health in ways that are safe, free, powerful and proven. 

Action Needed

We cannot wait for the government to guide us, we MUST take matters into our own hands.
They say it takes 17 years for new discoveries to filter out to the masses, thanks to the internet we do not have to wait.
There are proven strategies from nutrition to meditation that at worst make us feel better and at best help us to heal.
Even from alleged terminal and incurable disease.
The new science Biology of Belief is critical to our understanding of the body.
The Placebo effect is well documented and we are now understanding why it works.
But the lesser known Nocebo effect is our biggest problem in the current system.
Being told you are terminal or incurable can lead you down that path.
Due to the suing culture we are told the worst case scenario. It’s a cover your bases protocol.
Which could inadvertently be killing us.
Whether you believe you can or you cannot, you are right.
This is the biology of belief. We have the science now that proves how beliefs affect our health and biology.
This is a situation you MUST be aware of as your life could depend on it.
See the video by Dr Bruce Lipton on the nocebo below.


Deepak Chopra says, take the diagnosis but never the prognosis,

it is based on a outdated view of physics.

Bruce Lipton clearly explains how fear kills us.
Our current system instill fear,

it is a dangerous way to treat each other, it has to stop.