Who would you believe, a Doctor or a Hairdresser?

Who would you listen to for health advice a Doctor or a Hairdresser?

A Doctor of course.
But read on, we have a power we rarely listen to, our intuition. That’s where our true power lies.
I followed mine,

One of the big problems I face with my clients is getting them to believe they can heal themcellves.
If you are told you are  terminal or incurable, who am I to say that may not be true?

Despite hundreds of books, you tube videos, places abroad, 10 of thousands of people defying the odds, if the Doctor tells you you are terminal or incurable, for most people it is almost impossible to shake that off.

I say to my clients…
Say “I am healing” out loud.

Then I ask them how it feels.
Most say it does not feel true?
Would you like it to feel true I then ask them?
Yes of course.
Then lets release the limiting belief that you cannot heal and rewire the brain for complete healing.
We can change our beliefs when we understand they are only a thought you had over and over, usually given to you by some well meaning individual.

Then come the C word CHANGE.
Then comes the hard bit, complying with the protocols and guidance long enough for the body to get the new information.
That requires diligence, patience, practise and trust.
And keeping on keeping on. And then some more of that.
But we have the science and the testimonies to KNOW that it works.
See Joe Dispenzas testimonies


The Diagnosis and Prognosis
So you are told you have a certain disease, we call that the label also known as the diagnosis based on the symptoms the body is expressing.
The shock of getting a label can cause immense trauma resulting in PTSD and arguably more disease due to the stress.
The Prognosis – now it gets dangerous
This is where the next trauma comes in.
The body is recording this information, the shock, the fear, this is incredibly unhelpful and counter healing.
Words like terminal, incurable, inoperable, degenerating, often aggressively are often in there too.
Suggesting you are going to die, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, then the fear kicks right and and often never really leaves.
This is called the nocebo effect, the opposite of the placebo.
What is this very process of “being honest” is killing people? Being honest based on outdated information/

At this stage death is not the biggest fear but what happens between now and then is.

How will we degenerate and die?
What will happen to our family, our children and maybe even parents?

This is the suffering we can and will eliminate.

Deepak Chopra says take the diagnosis but NOT the prognosis.
Your body may be screaming for help, its an intelligent energy system that is toxic, inflamed and stressed and you can change that when you know how and have the support to do it.
When you have the will, the courage and the belief, that requires education. You will need to educate yourcsll, the government as of now, will never do it, Your body, your responsibility.
Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence – Helen Keller

The Voodoo curse takes away hope
Witches were burned at the stake because they could cast a spell on you.
Today it is no different, you may have heard very negative, hopeless terminology to describe your body, and you have fallen under the spell, the voodoo curse as Dr Joe Dispenza calls it. You believed it, therefore it was true.
Time to take back your power.

Who do you believe, Doc or Hairdresser?
So why would you believe a Hairdresser who left school at 16 was a mum of 3 by 22, divorced by 32, 3 businesses by 42 who know travels the World and studies other Cultures?
Who never went to Uni and never will, why would you believe me when I tell you we all have an innate capacity to heal ourcellves?

The only people I study and learn from are those who have healed themcellves and others.

Natural, non harmful treatments only, the power of the mind, gut health, letting go, energy work and anything else that helps us understand why we get sick and how to get well again without further compromising the intelligent mass of cells we call the Body.
But I have also seen people who follow the Allopathic treatment plans get well too.
And some suffer and die.
So what does that mean?
You MUST tune into your intuition, because the intelligence is there, communicating with you, but we have just never understood.
There is NO one size fits all, there are literally hundreds and maybe thousands of ways to heal, and that confusing.
We are different with unique needs, the only one who can really hear your inner voice is you, please make sure you listen to it.

Defying the odds and the voodoo curse
Some people who defy the odds have conventional treatment, some people combine, some do it themselves.
If they have been told they are incurable or terminal and they ignore that prognosis, then I am intrigued and I will study everything they have done.
If that seems logical to you, then you will be interested in what I have discovered.
The Science behind change, the innate power to heal, the latest neuroscience and neuroplasticity, the incredibly exciting quantum World and what it means to be human.
And why I am passionate about getting this news out to the masses.

Maybe you are not dying, maybe you are being woken up to living?

There is no money to be made it telling people they can heal themcellves.
No money for me or Big Pharma. So let get the agenda out the way.

Does anyone really believe only the rich and fortunate can heal?
No way. This is an inside job, available to each one of us, and ignited by inspiration.
Everything we recommend is free and levels everyone on this Planet and Country.
No matter what your post code, income bracket, education level, fancy titles and clothes, this levels every human on Earth. We all have the capacity to heal, but most of us do not have enough self esteem or belief.

Our medical model is years behind other Countries and is tied up by the richest companies in the World..
We need to know all the other things that we can do to heal ourcellves, keeping that scientifically proven information from us is simply a crime against humanity.
So is terrifying people to their death.

Lets unhook from the old and embrace the new, where suffering needlessly is no longer a thing. Living alone, in fear, from appointment to appointment, this is cruel and unnecessary.
The waiting, the language, the beliefs, the opinions, all of that can kill you at worst, scare you and cause more suffering at best.

Energy medicine, holistic medicine functions from quantum physics
But even then, we are still expanding and finding new things every day, we have definitely not arrived at the door of “know it all.”

What is quantum physics?

Quantum physics teaches us about energy
Quantum physics
Everything in the Universe is energy including us.
It is the body of scientific laws that describe the non measurable behaviour of photons, electrons and other particles that make up the Universe
Newtonian physics
At the scale of atoms and electrons many of the equations of classical mechanics, Newtonian physics, which describes how things move at everyday speeds and sizes, cease to be useful.

What does that even mean?
The old way of looking at things does not make sense any more. We have learned more.
Science and Spirituality are moving closer together.

Our current system does not cater for childhood trauma, epigenetics, the power of the mind, our perceptions, thoughts, emotion and beliefs, all of which are energy and impact the body or indeed our Faith.
Drugs and surgeries do not heal any of these things. It may help you to cope, but the underlying cause is ignored as we continue to treat symptoms.

The only person who can change this is you.

No other human, no Doctor no matter how educated or kind can do this for you.
The responsibility lands firmly at your door.

From Victim to Master of your genes and Destiny
From Victim consciousness that tells you “poor me,” I am powerless to Master which tells you wow I am powerful, that is what we are facing here.
And with that comes enormous responsibility that you may or may not be ready for.
See Bruce Lipton and Lynne McTaggarts research here
Lynne McTaggarts latest research tell us clearly, Community and Altruism heals.
Bruce explains we are not victims we are Masters.

Proving the point
I set up the Heal Scotland pilot project to prove that we can have a massive influence over our health and happiness, no matter what labels and concepts you have been given, if you stick to the protocols long enough for the body to respond.
We had 100% success rate with everyone who completed the course. Varying degrees, but none the less dramatic changes that are continuing on.

Innate power to heal so lets shout about it
We have the innate power to heal, we have had this ability for over 200 000 years, we came here with it.
And what kind of human would I be if I did not want to scream that exciting news from the fecking rooftops?

I didn’t discover the science but I study with the scientists that do. Not bought pseudo science that has huge money behind it, just incredible humans who believe like me that we need to wake up, and fast, as we are the proverbial boiling frogs, dying fast.

I started teaching aerobics around age 19. I was always fascinated by health and fitness.
I worked in our local sports centre and enjoyed the buzz of being fit and around fit people.
I studied to become an instructor and at 23 learned my first devastating nutrition fact, there was more sugar in a baby rusk than there was in a doughnut.
My distrust in the system began.
When my best friends daughter was diagnosed with leukemia my life changed in  that second.
How on Earth could a young kid get a terminal illness?
I became obsessed.
Why do we get sick, why do kids get sick and from that how can we heal without these barbaric treatments.

Every book I have read, every course I have done, every youtube video and online course I watch is about healing.
Not symptom management, not surgical intervention, but how the body can heal intcellf.
I think about nothing else.
I thought it was nutrition, and that plays an enormous role, then exercise, that does too, but there is a lot more to it.
The subconscious mind, the thoughts, the feelings, the behaviours, the beliefs, the perception and then the biggy, the past.

That information goes through our bodies like electricity.
Our subconscious mind has recorded everything we have ever perceived we have done and actually done.

Add on top the fact we have poisoned the food, the water, the air and we have even been poisoned against each other, thinking that survival of the fittest is the way ahead. Competition instead of collaboration. Separation versus cooperation.

What a balls up we have made of it.

My dad was a scientist and I inherited his ability to see things logically, math makes complete sense to me it adds up and you get an answer.
He was taught the way people are still being taught about Newtonian physics.

This is where the Doctor and the Hairdresser question becomes interesting.

According to this old model of physics we are solid, kind of like robots, you can chop bits off, repair things, but we are solid and we don’t change, we just atrophy with age. Seemed fairly logical in the past, we got taught that, we believed that.

Now though things have dramatically changed.

We are living in incredibly exciting times where we understand that everything in the Universe is Energy.
Including us.
So what? you may ask?
Well its a game changer. Full blown, mind numbing, crazy ass game changer.

Energy has no where to go, it can only be transmuted or lets say transformed.
That is the power we have, we can literally transform ourcells.
Energy can be changed with the mind.
Our thoughts are electrical in Nature, our emotions magnetic.
We may well be destroying our cells with repeated lightening strikes, ie fear.

Our brains change frequency, and our heart goes in or out of coherence depending on what we are thinking, saying, doing, believing, perceiving.

Survival mode, high alert, fight or flight creates the electrical storm that allows us to fight, run, hide or freeze.

Rest and repair mode is when the body heals, repairs and restores itscellf.

New and old physics
The Allopathic, pharmaceutical model looks through Newtons lens, sees symptoms (actually symptoms of healing) gives you a story about it (diagnosis and prognosis) and then finds drugs and surgery options for you.
And you may need that, always listen to your intuition and make sure you are well researched and informed.

If you do not want drugs or surgery, then don’t go, simple as that.
If you need help to work out a healing plan, find a naturopath or holistic healer, someone who has an overview of the multi dimensional nature of the body.
If they told me I was going to die, I have no idea how I would cope, so avoiding that situation for me is the best option if possible.
I am also fully aware I may need the skills of brilliant Doctors in my life, none of us have any guarantees, keep the mind open on all levels.

You may NEED to go to the Doctor!
I am not saying do not go to the Doctor, because clearly a lot of people need to.
I would not do their job for all the money in the World and have the utmost respect for the hours the work and everything they give, being around sick people all day everyday must be very challenging.
But they have limited options for you, and although their training is expanding they often are unaware of other things on offer, scientifically backed.

Overburdened NHS
The NHS is creaking at the seams as waiting lists grow, and we as a Nation need to take back our power, our control, our responsibility for our incredible bodies, health and happiness.

To educate ourcellves, to wake up to the magic of potentials, to let go of all the limitations that’s been foisted on us, in the main with the best intentions, but now out of date.

For now we need to hold hands with the old while we educate ourcellves on the new.
Our old belief systems are powerful and even if your conscious mind likes the sound of being able to heal yourcellf, your subconscious may have other ideas.
I am not enough
I am not worthy
I am not safe
I am not loveable

These old beliefs, inherited or created in childhood can hold us back and keep us stuck.
Its essential to know how to let go.
Drugs can help dull the pain, but true healing take courage, honesty and a willingness to investigate and own your shit.

Heal Scotland is a movement to get back to out true Nature, and back into our beloved home which is in Nature.
To educate, inspire and support you in whatever journey you choose, helping you to realise you have the intelligence and wisdom inside to make decisions for you, without pressure or fear.

Our bodies have intelligent consciousness running through them.
This can be tapped into by breathing differently, conscious intention, attention, trust and surrender.

We are like a large intelligent tuning fork, with cells like the philharmonic orchestra resonating beautiful symphony out into the Universe, or a chaotic, incoherent noise, depending on what “state” we are in.

This is one of the most exciting times to be alive, yet suicides are at an all time high.
We have a disease pandemic, we are suffering and dying.