Creating a ground swell
A movement for greater health and happiness Transforming our health picture from one of the worst in the World to one of the best



Can we be a proud Nation again?
It all starts with the thought, then the desire, then the action.
Are you in?

Heal Scotland is a movement to change the trajectory of our health from suffering to hope.
To utilise Mother Natures abundant energy and intelligence to help us regain the balance we so desperately need.
With a plan that levels everyone, no matter their postcode, their income bracket, their iq score.
To give the body what it needs to restore and regenerate by breathing, believing, releasing and getting back into Nature.

Hippocrates said “Commit enough daily sins against Nature and you will experience disease.”
Our chemical laden food chain, water system and even the air we breathe combined with systems that promote fear, are destroying our bodies, slowly but surely.

We the people can change that.

Say YES.