We are all about the cell, your cells.

When your cells are healthy and happy you are too.

There are various ways to do this and we will introduce you to many of them. Your health is your responsibility.

Your cells are with you every moment, listening and dutifully respondingto your thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs, emotions, actions and perceptions.

Your subconscious simply records, it is not personal, it is just there, taking in all the information you have given it.

The idea of you living any old way you want then turning up at a surgery expecting someone
to “fix” you is outdated and long gone.

This is all about you.


Your external and internal enviroment affects the health of your cells at a subconscious level.

You will be educated and guided to optimum cellular health.

This allows energy to flow, the body to glow and you to feel amazing.

Raise your vibration from the inside out.

For simple explanation lets look at our 2 minds.

The conscious 
The conscious is the obvious one, the voice in our head that talks to us and to and about others.

This is where our logic lies. 2+2=4

The Subconscious mind
The is the mind where the magic and miracles happen.
Free from the constraints of the logic, in a world where everything is possible, this is the land of
the subconscious. We can go into this mind and use it to create whatever we believe and dream to
be possible.
The catch here is the belief.
Greg Braden now demonstrates to us how our beliefs drive our emotions, which drive our DNA 
which attracts or repels the subatomic particles that create our reality.
We are what we TRULY believe we are. 

We are what we believe and we have beliefs in our subconscious minds. 
And they are probably not even ours. They will have been inherited or created by others. 

Or we will have created them based on your relationships and trust in others.
A belief is just a thought that you have had over and over again. This creates a neural pathway in 
our brain that fires when certain things happen. If your beliefs fill you with fear, you will react in 
fear, and if you believe in a love filled trusting Universe, your beliefs will help you deal with anything 
that comes your way….you will trust.
So here is the biggy. We can believe anything we like. AND It turns out that believing is seeing NOT 
the other way around. So to create new beliefs you repeat over and over the thing you would love to 
believe, lo and behold that becomes your new reality.

Sounds a bit crazy eh?

This is the fantastic world of quantum physics. 
We are made up of particles that communicate with us and with the Universe.


And through our freewill we can live the life we choose, all we need to do is ask, demand, command or pray. Or a combination of all of them, the choice is yours.

Getting clear is the key. 
Full blown clarity on what you want and then send the message out loud and 
Then let go of everything and anything that could possibly stop you.
All limiting beliefs. All negative thoughts and feelings. All need for approval from others around you. 
All trying to figure out how you are going to get it.
When you focus clearly on what you want and let go of all the rest, life becomes way more fun, you 
regain your sense of humour, you realise you were wasting so much of your valuable brain power 
and mind time on trivia that just held you back.