Changing your belief systems takes time, usually. We can be cynical by Nature, we need hard evidence. Believing you can heal what you have been told is incurable can be too much for some people, they will dismiss it out of hand. If your mind is open to this potential and you want to learn more, please research for yourcellf all of the miraculous information below

Below are websites, books and videos that will give you the evidence, science and testimonies of those who have defied the odds.
People just like you who have been told they were going to die, or the body could never heal, but they have proven otherwise.
Once you have been told it is all over, it is your choice to believe it or not.
Even when it seems completely out of reach, you can always try.
Your cells are listening to what you believe. Your genes are too.
Are you aware of the New Physics?
Prepared to break free and give it a try?
Why Not?
Love and Hope heal.

Radical Remissions – Dr Kelly Turner 
 A book and site of people who defied and are defying the odds. Read about the 9 things they all did

Gerson Institute

Over 10 thousands documented cases of defying the odds using a plant based diet and coffee enemas

Biology of Belief – Dr Bruce Lipton
How our beliefs affect our biology

Breaking the habit of being yourself & Becoming Supernatural- Dr Joe Dispenza

The science of change and our innate inner capacity for healing

Healing by thought alone testimonies

The spontaneous healing of Belief – Human by Design – Greg Braden – Our inner powers and a new way to see ourcellves in history

Secrets of your cells – Dr Sondra Barrett
“A guiding principle of the spiritual journey is to “”look within.”

The power of eight & The Bond

– Lynne MacTaggart

–  Harnessing The Miraculous Energies Of A Small Group To Heal Others, Your Life And The World

Places to go, if your budget allows

Oasis of Hope
Alternative cancer treatment in Mexico
Let food be thy medicine
Budwig centres 
Alternative health care
There are literally hundreds if not thousands of books where you can learn to heal yourcellf.
Change your belief that you are a victim of the body to you are the Master of it.It is simply a new language and belief system you need to understand.
Here are our favourites

Radical Remissions Dr Kelly Turner
Biology of Belief – Dr Bruce Lipton
Cancer is not a disease it is a survival mechanism – Dr Andreas Moritz
Why rabbits dont get lymphoma – Cathie Grout
You are the placebo – Dr Joe Dispenza
The spontaneous healing of belief – Greg Braden
The Healing response – Herbert Benson
Conquering Cancer – Nicholas Gonzales
Spontaneous Healing – Dr Andrew Weil

“How I Healed Myself From Cancer – Naturally”






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