Terrified? Just been diagnosed with an alleged ​incurable, inoperable, terminal disease?

First thing to do is to breathe deeply, us this powerful, simple technique to help

Next thing to do is take yourcellf out of fight or flight. Do this using EFT and admitting your fears, worst case scenario, and allowing the anger, resentment, sadness, despair or whatever you are feeling to come up. Feel it to heal it.

ChecThen understand that literally hundreds of thousands of people are defying the odds, taking control and healing themselves.
Choosing to combine the allopathic or simply holistic protocols that rebalance the body and allow homeostasis to happen. (Balance)
You MUST educate yourcellf and take full control of your situation. Your body is an intelligent energy system and is designed to heal, when we make sure the internal and external environment support it.

You will NEVER get all this information at your GP, they simply do not know and if they do have not got the time or permission to help you.

​Please see Radical Remission site for thousands of instances of defying the odds.

Check out the incredible work of Dr Joe Dispenza, healing by thought alone.