How do we get sick?

9 Radical Remission steps reversed

If we reverse the 9 steps for healing, do we have the protocols for getting sick?

So if we know that the 9 major factors that led to healing are as below, can we assume if doing that makes us well, does doing the opposite make us sick?

The overwhelming surprises in the healing factors for me were that exercise played no part (they were too sick to exercise in the initial stages but it came in later as healing and energy happened) and that only 2 of the steps are to do with the physical, diet and herbs and supplements, the rest is all about the Mind and Soul.

So lets have a look and use the polarities of the factors so see if it helps us get an insight to why we get sick?

Radically change your diet.

From an unhealthy one to a healthy, Nature led one. So an unhealthy diet can lead to disease? I think we all know that.

Listen to your intuition. ​

Or dont listen to your intuition. Does ignoring your intuition make you sick. You hear people say they heard a voice, or had a strong feeling that the body did not want to go down a certain path. How often do we overide our inner intelligence and do what others say instead of listening in carefully and following that feeling, trusting that feeling, even if it is the road less travelled? What price are we paying for not taking control and listening in?

Strong social support network.

 No community, nobody there to listen, or to support in the ways you have chosen. A feeling of loneliness and being cut off from others, or a desire to be cut off from others who do not understand. Everyone too tired and busy to help, or hear your cries for help. Could the breakdown of communities be making us sick.

Herbs and supplements

We need more micro nutrients, so a deficiency in nutrients can lead to disease, again I think we all understand that too.

Believing in something higher.

Not believing in anything higher. Thinking this is it, having no faith, believing we are alone and a victim of this suffering and this narrative. Lack of faith, what is that conveying to our cells, to the Universe, is lack of faith making us sick?

Focus on the positive.​

Best case scenario or worst case scenario, where is your attention, focus and intention. Why is it so easy to think the worst instead of the best, is it a habit, have we inheritied it, or has our suing culture helped us to always see the worst. Is seeing the worst and expectng the worst making us sick?

Take control of your health.

The opposite of that would be no control. Allowing others to make decisions for your body, your life, your relationships and your health and happiness. No boundaries, which is something I have witnessed first hand. You MUST take control and make decisions for you.

A strong desire to live

 No strong desire, no feeling of purpose, no reason to fight or get back up. Is our lack of purpose and drive, our feeling we are not part of something amazing, is this making us sick?

Letting go.

Last but not least, letting go of all our concepts and labels, releasing the past hurts and traumas, our ancestral baggage, Is holding on to all of that making us sick. Our need for control, security, approval, separation and oneness, our need to figure things out, take things personally, wishing things were different and waiting for things to change so that we can be happy. Is all of that making us sick?

We know how powerful our minds are, we know that people heal spontaneously, we know that people defy the odds, we fully understand that people who do not give a proverbial shit have a jolier ride in life.
We talk about diet and exercise all the time, people are trying to fit that into their already overburdened lives.
Maybe our focus needs to change.
Lynne MacTaggarts new book catagorically proves that Community and Altruism heals us and the Community.
We are interconnected, literally all in it together, and the only way we can survive and heal is to fully understand this. Competition can lead us on to greater things but Collaboration, when we all pull togeher for the greater good of all, led from the heart, we are literally unstoppable.
Bruce Liptons book Biology of Belief tells us how our beliefs change genetic expression.
Dr Joe teaches us to heal by thought alone and proves it time and time again that we all have an innate healing capacity when we let go and connect to the Unified Field.
Greg Braden explains the Matrix and our place in it and the Supernatural powers that he has witnessed in the East that we all have access to.

So are we looking at this the wrong way?
Your food can be perfect but if you

So are we looking at this the wrong way?
Your food can be perfect but if you

Ignore your intuition
Have no sense of purpose
Have no boundaries or strength to take control
Are surrounded by people who do not believe or support you
Hang onto the past
Focus on the worst case scenario
Have no faith or belief in a higher power

Will you get sick anyway? Or will you block the healing frequency that is available to all of us?

There is NO pharmaceutical pill, treatment or surgery that can fix that.

This is the official,  unequivicol inside job.

Can you believe that you are protected and never alone, that you are meant to be here, that your voice counts, that you can speak your truth, believe in your Supernatural powers and be with your Community serving your purpose and feeling part of the Collective?

Can you stand strong, Let go of the past completely, trust and surrender using your incredible IMAGINATION to help yourcellf, your Community and the Planet?

What are your thoughts?
Are you healing or harming your cellf?