Choosing your protocols

During a healing process it is essential for have protocols to follow, otherwise you can be floundering in the dark and simply hoping for the best.


No matter what we are trying to achieve we need strong boundaries and guidelines to ensure success.



There are literally hundreds of ways to heal, but it is important for everyone who is sick to choose a path then follow it to the letter as this is going to be their medicine.


Understanding why you are doing what you are doing helps you to maintain your discipline and assists in the power of your intention helping you to fully believe and know that you are helping the body.



Somethings we find easy, others we try to avoid, this is human and normal.



Protocols will be discussed and agreed, tailored to individual needs and monitored weekly.

Protocols include

  • Nutrition and supplement plan
  • Meditation
  • Release techniques (we teach 12)
  • Qigong and/or yoga
  • Group intentions
  • Group discussions/progress reports
  • Education for transformation
  • Online courses
  • Volunteering

Protocol proof
We are standing on the edge of a new paradigm.
From flat Earth to round Earth, from solid Planet to Energetic Universe
Its a game changer
Are you ready to learn your Supernatural potential?

You can read all the bios on the scientists and researchers we are using here

Here is an outline of what information, research and techniques we are taking from each one

Dr Joe Dispenza

Healing by thought alone
Meditations, books and videos that will help us understand how to change the brain for the results we need.
Joe has literally thousands of followers and he is getting real time healing results every advanced workshop.

Lynne MacTaggart

Community and Altruism heals
We will be using Lynnes latest findings on the power of group intention.
We will use her books, videos and support forums.

Dr Bruce Lipton

Biology of belief
EFT, Books and videos
Bruce brought the belief discovery to the attention of the masses. He promotes reprogramming the subconscious and has the science to help us understand and follow the protocols to get the required result.
His groundbreaking work on epigenetics and how we manipulate the expression of our genes is a game changer from the old paradigm.
We are the Master of our Genes, not the Victim.

Dr Sondra Barrett

Secrets of your cells
We will be using the science of our cells from Sondras book and her new online course.
This helps us to understand mindfulness and what happens to the music our cells can make when we are not aware.
We will use her book and online course.

Greg Braden

Bridging science, spirituality and human potential
Gregs stunning research, online series Missing links, books and videos help us to fully understand the bridge we are crossing now.
We will be using his research to educate and enlighten you to this completely new way to think.

Dr Kelly Turner

Radical Remissions
Kellys online course and incredible research of people who were told they were going to die but didnt is invaluable to anyone getting diagnosed. Blind faith and belief in the old system can terrify you right out of here.
It is essential to educate yourcellf and learn the true power and nature of the intelligent vibrating cells we call the body.
We will use her book and online course.