We are made up of trillions of cells. 80 trillion apparently. A lot anyway.
We know that when we look at a cell through a powerful microscope it is 99.99999999999999999999999999999 space.

This is essential understanding for the innovative, energetic healing principles and the power of the mind.
We are made up of these intelligent sub atomic particles that communicate with each other and with us.
We can tell them what to do, in fact whether you know it, believe it or not the cells are obeying us every moment of the day.

We are giants radios, receiving and transmitting energy all day long.

Communicating with our cells and other cells all over the World. We are largely unaware of this.



Our cells contract and expand all day long depending on how we are feeling.
What emotions are in the body.

Thoughts create feelings, feelings create behaviours

When our cells contract and we start to feel anxious and stressed our thinking drops to match.
When we “release” and “let go” of the energy of that feeling, the thinking immediately rises.
Contraction, resistance, judgement, negative thoughts and feelings all cause cellular contraction.
Expansion, love, acceptance, allowing all cause the cell to relax and the energy can flow and we
connect to our higher self.

We are part of something much bigger. There is energy from the Sun, Moon, Stars that assists us, 
then we have the fresh air and the free flow of electrons from the planet. 
Bask in Mother Natures energies and gifts instead of cutting yourself off from them.