40 Early bird tickets available till end of March 50% deposit available on £119

The profits from this years Goddess Gathering will go straight to this project. Above is the website and below is the link for Gofundme
Healing can 100% be about opportunity, please help us create that opportunity
Donations for the Gofundme page

The plan is to raise enough money to cover accommodation costs ( 12k) and some treatments and time for therapists.

Full time clients will pay for food and any extra treatments involved.


Part time clients will only pay for the weekends, accommodation will not be included but they will need to be there every weekend, this project needs discipline and commitment to the journey and this can only happen with consistency.


Home based support will have a nominal charge, with the option to pay for courses that are run on weekend.


Prices will follow later in the year, but will be kept to a minimum for this Pilot project.