The Biology of belief
Our beliefs, our story, our biography becomes our biology

If we accept that dis ease comes from doing things incorrectly over and over again, then we can assume that
when we do the right things over and over again we will get well.
From thinking, to believing to eating, to sleeping out of sync with the circadian rythm.

We are creatures of habit and we are victims of our beliefs.

This mis information is held in the cells.
We will use a variety of cutting edge touch and talk therapies to help clean the cell of outdated harmful frequencies.

Modern day living has disconnected us from the many healing benefits of the Planet and Nature.

Living and working inside, breathing artificial fabric filled air, wifi, phones and electricity everywhere.

Lack of movement, sitting down, enforced time with others who may not serve your health,

Chemical filled, processed foods and drinks.

Lack of trust, security, need for control and approval along with feelings of being separate.

Lack of purpose and gratitude, all of these thing impact our health and happiness.

There is no one thing that causes disease,
Hippocrates said, commit enough daily sins against Nature and you will experience disease.
There is a straw that breaks the camels back.
Your immune systems gets compromised and suppressed by all of the above.

That is why we need to undo these daily sins and start with the Butterfly analogy of doing lots of small healing things for the body, everyday.
Allow it to come back to balance.
Allow it to heal.

Using the power of the land, mind and soul we call all return the optimum health and vitality.